Netta Levin, Israel

Prof. Netta Levin is a senior physician in the Department of Neurology and leads the clinical service and the research lab in the fMRI unit at the Hadassah university hospital.

Prof. Levin graduated from the Hebrew University Medical School and specialized in Neurology. In addition, Prof. Levin holds a PhD from the Department of Neurobiology of the Hebrew University (2003-2007). Her doctorate work dealt with brain reorganization following peripheral damages to the visual system. After completing her doctorate, Prof. Levin did her post-doctorate at the Department of Psychology, Stanford University, USA (2007-2009), where she specialized in novel functional imaging methods.

Her clinical and research interests include evaluating functional imaging of the brain (fMRI) and neurological pathways (DTI) as part of pre-operational evaluations, in cases of damage to the visual system, in unconscious patients and as part of diagnosis and rehabilitative evaluation.

Prof. Levin is a member of the Israel Neurological Association, the American Academy of Neurology, the International MS Vision Consortium and the European Consortium (Horizon 2020) for Training the Next Generation European Visual Neuroscientists. She published many articles and won awards and grants. She has been recognized for excellence in research at Hadassah for 2012.