Angela Vincent, UK

Angela Vincent is currently Emeritus Professor of Neuroimmunology at the University of Oxford.  She qualified as a doctor in London, worked as a doctor for one year, did an MSc in Biochemistry at University College, and did not pursue further clinical training, spending the rest of her career in neuro-immunological clinical and experimental research.  

Previous work and current interests include neuromuscular junction disorders and acquired disorders of the CNS with antibodies to receptors, ion channels and associated proteins.  She also has a particular interest in the role of maternal antibodies in causing neurodevelopmental disorders.  She has tried to improve antibody assay techniques for better clinical diagnosis, and has established experimental models for investigation of the pathophysiology of the diseases. 

She was Head of Department of Clinical Neurology in Oxford (2005-2008).  She was awarded the WFN Medal for scientific contributions to neurology (2017, Kyoto).  She was elected FMedSci (2003) and Fellow of the Royal Society (2011).